Help Wanted! In search of more Gengar animation cels posts/images!

Hello everyone! In light of all the recent gengar animation cels that have emerged from the shadows (hehe) recently I want to know if there are more Gengar animation cel collectors out there other than myself? OR if anyone can dig up an images or photos of original gengar animation cels (that aren't ones I have posted) it would be greatly appreciated!! If I cannot own the cel I still at least love seeing all of the artist notes and everything else that comes along with a cel, douga and genga to produce what we see on screen! Sadly my search so far has lead me to only find gengar animation cels I have posted but there HAS to be more out there. If you own one personally please add me as friend or post pics please :D! Thanks ya'll, happy collecting!

Question about rarity for gengar figures on Y!J!

Hello all! I recently have been watching a set of gengar figures on yahoo japan slowly go up and up in price and I am amazed at what the price is out now. I was wondering could someone with more gengar knowledge than I clearly have explain to me why these figure or which in particular are making the auction reach the current price?! Thanks :)! I added a link.